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About Us

Grace Church, Everett was founded in the early 19th century. A historical church in the Episcopal tradition we are proud of our heritage. We are a welcoming and affirming community in Everett, Massachusetts. Everett is approximately 20 miles outside of downtown Boston. We worship in two unique communities, yet one united parish. 

Clergy and Staff

Rev. Jessica Flaherty

Associate Priest

Rev. Dcn. Atem Yak

Affiliated Clergy

Dr. Atsuko Jozaki

Director of Music

Vestry 2022 - 2023
Ms. Marsha Isaacs, Senior Warden
Mr. John Pearson, Junior Warden
Ms. Robin Preston, Treasurer
Mr. Phillip Amasino, Clerk
Mr. William Maluil
Ms. Eileen O'Brien
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